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About #CombatMisconduct

The hub has been developed by AVA in partnership with Universities UK and the NUS, as part of the #CombatMisconduct project. It is designed to support university students and staff to prevent and tackle sexual misconduct in higher education settings. The hub incorporates the expertise of students and university staff, providing tailored information, guidance and resources on sexual misconduct in higher education.

About AVA

AVA (Against Violence & Abuse), the creators of this tool, is a feminist organisation committed to creating a world without gender-based violence. Our mission is to work with survivors to end gender-based violence by championing evidence-based change. We are a national charity, independent and particularly recognised for our specialist expertise in multiple disadvantage and children and young people’s work. Our core work includes training, policy, research, and consultancy. AVA’s work focusses on whole organisational models for tackling domestic and sexual abuse including our highly regarded whole school approach, which we draw upon in our work with universities. For more information about AVA, visit https://avaproject.org.uk/

About #CombatMisconduct

This resource hub is part of the #CombatMisconduct project. AVA worked in partnership with Universities UK and the NUS to improve responses to sexual violence, harassment and misconduct across the higher education sector. The project ran from 2019 to 2021 and was made possible by support from Rosa’s Justice and Equality Fund. For more information about Combat Misconduct, visit https://avaproject.org.uk/combatmisconduct/