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Welcome to the #CombatMisconduct Hub

The student hub is split into three themes - prevention, support, and investigation. In these themes, you will find resources to support you to understand sexual misconduct, campaign for change, access support, and much more.

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Introductory guides that highlight the best resources to get started
  • Understanding sexual misconduct
  • How universities can tackle sexual misconduct
  • Campaigning for change
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  • I need support
  • Supporting someone else
  • Understanding secondary trauma
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  • Reporting sexual misconduct
  • The investigation process
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Find your local Rape Crisis centre

Domestic AbuseSexual misconduct
Healthy relationships checklist

Health relationships checklist from IDAS.

Healthy relationships
AVA’s Quick Guide to Asking and Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Misconduct

This guide supports staff at UK universities who are handling disclosures of sexual misconduct from students.

Understanding duty of care
Tackling racial harassment: universities challenged

Report from the EHRC presenting the findings of the EHRC inquiry in to racial harassment in universities in England, Scotland and Wales. Includes recommendations for change.

The experience of trans and gender diverse students & staff in Scotland’s universities

Research from TransEDU Scotland exploring the experience of trans and gender diverse applicants, students and staff in Scotland's colleges and universities.

Disabled People and Domestic Abuse

Report from SafeLives.

Domestic AbuseIntersectionalitySexual misconduct
The intersection of sexual violence, alcohol and drugs at universities and colleges

A briefing note from Healthy Universities, University of Central Lancashire, OfS and Universities UK.

Sexual misconduct
Changing the Culture in Scottish Higher Education: Two years on

Report from Universities Scotland exploring progress in tackling gender based violence, harassment and hate incidents.

LeadershipPoliciesSexual misconductUnderstanding duty of care
Unhealthy relationship signs

Identifying red flags in relationships guidance from CWA.

Healthy relationships
AVA’s Quick Guide to Self-Care and Sexual Misconduct

This guide supports university staff, officers, students and campaigners working to improve responses to sexual misconduct in university settings. This guide is designed to support you to stay safe and look after your wellbeing as you manage the impacts of working with trauma.