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Welcome to the #CombatMisconduct Hub

The student hub is split into three themes - prevention, support, and investigation. In these themes, you will find resources to support you to understand sexual misconduct, campaign for change, access support, and much more.

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Introductory guides that highlight the best resources to get started
  • Understanding sexual misconduct
  • How universities can tackle sexual misconduct
  • Campaigning for change
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  • I need support
  • Supporting someone else
  • Understanding secondary trauma
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  • Reporting sexual misconduct
  • The investigation process
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Tackling online harassment and promoting online welfare

Report from Universities UK and the University of Bedfordshire providing guidance for universities to prevent and respond to online harassment occurring between students.

Healthy relationshipsPoliciesSexual misconduct
Self-care after trauma

Self-care after trauma tips from Rainn.

Students’ Experiences of Sexual Violence

Findings from the national consultation on student experiences of sexual violence.

Sexual misconduct
Violence Against Women: The perspectives of students in Wales

Report of an Amnesty International and NUS Wales Women's Campaign survey of 733 students in Wales.

Sexual misconduct
NUS training resources

Training resources from the NUS.

Let’s Talk About Yes: UK Universities Activism Toolkit

Activism toolkit focusing on rape and consent from Amnesty Students.

CampaigningSexual misconduct
Tackling racial harassment in higher education

Report from Universities UK providing recommendations to decisively tackle racial harassment in UK higher education.

Coping with secondary trauma and burn-out

Tips to cope with secondary trauma and burnout from AVA.

Sexual Violence in Further Education Report

Report from the NUS.

Sexual misconduct
That’s What She Said

Report from the NUS exploring women students' experiences of 'lad culture' in higher education.

Sexual misconduct