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Investigation: Information for staff

University investigations are the procedure that normally takes place after a report of sexual misconduct (or other forms of harassment and discrimination) has been reported to the university. Their purpose is to investigate allegations made against another member of the university.

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Reporting sexual misconduct

Follow the link above to find out more about the process of reporting sexual misconduct for students.

The investigation process

Follow the link above to find out more about university investigation processes into sexual misconduct and what you can expect from your university.

Understanding reporting and disclosing

Disclosing your experience of sexual misconduct means telling someone what happened to you. This is informal (i.e. you have not gone through formal routes – university procedures, police) and can include anonymous disclosures. Disclosures do not automatically lead to an investigation or disciplinary processes.
Reporting means going through an official, standardised route (i.e. the university system or the police) and reporting what happened to you this way. You may be able to make an anonymous report if you prefer. If this is not done anonymously, formal reporting will often result in an investigatory and disciplinary process.